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Website Design, Hosting, Maintenance, Updates, and Upgrades. 

All-Inclusive Service

We’ll register, design, host and maintain your website for you. All you’ve got to do is provide us with your text and media content.

Strategically Functional

Interactive & responsive website design. Built using modern, industry-leading tools. Further advanced functionality optionally available.

Quality Infrastructure

Hosted on reliable and secure cloud infrastructure. Served over a global content delivery network offering lightning speed and reliability. 

How Do I Get Started?

Getting Started

View our Getting Started guide and follow the five easy steps towards a stunning website.

Keeping It Fresh

Submit your content. Request updates and changes any time through email or live chat.

Experience Excellence!

We take care of everything: Registration, Hosting, Design, Updates, Maintenance, Upgrades.

Getting Started is Easy

Here’s How It Works

Getting Started

Step 1 : Gather all of Your Things

Decide what content you would like to display on your website and bring it all together in a single document (Apple Pages, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or PDF Format). 

Create a folder containing the text document, along with copies of all media assets (logos, images, videos, etc.) that you would like to display on your website. Don’t have a logo? Let us create one for you.

Include all desired text content within the single document, separated into titled sections that we will use as a guide to build your website’s pages. Reference (list the file names) of the media assets that you would like to include with each section. Don’t worry about making it look good – that’s our job. We just need all of your things. 

Also stipulate any functionality that you require on each page or section of your website such as; Contact Form, Survey, Order Form, Booking Form, Products, Services, Online Payment Processing, etc.

Once everything is gathered together; All text writeup in a single document, separated into titled sections and referencing accompanying media assets that are included in the folder, proceed to step two

step 2 : choose your destiny

Based on the content you’ve put together in step one, you’ll now be able to easily choose which service plan is right for you. View our Plans & Pricing and select one that best matches your requirements (number of pages, desired functionality, etc.)

Still unsure about which package is right for you? Or do you need extra functionality that’s not explicitly listed in the package details? Submit a ticket or let’s have a live chat. During this time we may request the text document that you’ve put together in order to review your requirements and build a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Once you have chosen the service package that’s right for you, proceed to step three

Step 3 : a match made in heaven

You’ve gathered all of your things, chosen your desired package, and you’re ready to commit. That’s great! We can’t wait to have you on board! In order for us to begin our epic journey together, It’s time to place your order on our website.

View our Plans & Pricing; then contact us to sign up for your desired service package; make the initial setup payment; set up your subscription through our Billing Portal, and proceed to step four

IMPORTANT: Please only place your order if your have completed step one. We can only start building your website if you can provide all the content that you would like us to display on your website.

step 4 : Give your things to the cloud

Once your order has been processed; initial payment cleared, and recurring billing subscription confirmed – You will receive an email notification welcoming you to the cloud and containing instructions on how to provide us with the content you’ve put together in Step One. You will also be asked to choose your desired website address (domain name) and provide us with a list of the email accounts that you require.

Follow the instructions provided in the email and proceed to step five

step 5 : experience excellence

We will begin working on your website as soon as we’ve received and reviewed your content. During this process we will collaborate with you through email, tickets and live chat to keep you updated along every step of the initial design process.

Graphical mockups of your website layout will be provided for your review and changes will be made per your request. Once a mockup is approved, it will be developed on a private staging site where you will be able to access it in your browser, review and interact with as if it were live on your website, and request any final pre-launch changes.

While we endeavor to launch your website as quickly as possible. Our focus is on quality and user experience. The initial design process will take between 15 to 30 daysMore or less, depending on the complexity of desired functionality and the number of revisions to be made.

Once you are satisfied with the layout and functionality of the private staging site, you will be requested to declare launch design approval. Your website will go live to the public within 24 hours of approval, or on a specified future date of your choice.

Keeping It Fresh

MaintAIN: The cloud keeps you cool

Imagine everything taken care of, on an ongoing basis – That’s what the Managed Website Service is all about. Your website is built using tools and infrastructure that require continuous server, security, software, and network updates and maintenance.

We ensure that everything remains breezy; fully-functional, up to date, accessible, and secure. This includes any requested updates and desired changes to the content, functionality, design and layout of your website. We take care of all the ongoing technical things. For updates of the content, functionality, design, or layout of your website, all you need to do is get in touch with us through ticket or live chat.

CommunicatE: Reach into the cloud

As part of your Managed Website Service subscription, you’re provided with direct access to your personal webmaster via email and live chat. Have a question? Need something added, changed or updated on your website? Want to publish a new article or send out a newsletter? Simply get in touch by ticket or live chat for assistance.

Want to talk to us? Scheduled Premium Telephone Support is also available as an optional extra on CLOUD and STORM packages. For more information on our Telephone Support service, please view our On-Demand Services information in the Knowledge Base, and then reach out to us via ticket or live chat to order and activate the service.

UPDATE: Give more things to the cloud

Want to add more content to your website than what was set for the initial launch?  No problem! Visit our Knowledge Base for information on our On-Demand services and pricing, then submit a ticket or get in touch with us via live chat to order the necessary service.

Once your order is placed, and once we’ve received your new content, we endeavor to update your website as quickly as possible. The general turn-around time for post-launch content updates is approximately 2-5 business days, depending on complexity.

Depending on which package you’re on, and the content set up for the initial launch of your website, you may not need to pay anything extra for adding additional content to your website.

For example; You may have signed up for the CLOUD package, which provides the setup and design of up to 10 pages based on your provided content, but you may have only provided content for 3 pages for the initial launch of your website. If such is the case; you may then provide us with new content for an additional 8 pages, free of charge. There is no time-limit on making use of all provided services that are included in your current service package.

Only when additional content, changes, updates, and new features exceed the limits of your current package, would you then need to either upgrade your package, or make use of our On-Demand Services

UpGrade: Change the weather

Outgrowing your current service package? You can easily upgrade!

When upgrading, the initial setup fee of the new package still applies, minus the cost of the initial setup fee of your current package. The monthly service fee will increase to that of the new service package.

For example; if you’re currently on the CLOUD package and wish to upgrade to the STORM package for e-commerce functionality, the upgrade fee will be the initial setup fee of the STORM package ($14,550) minus the initial setup fee of the CLOUD package ($4,550); bringing the upgrade fee to a total of $10,000 upfront. When upgrading from CLOUD to STORM, in addition to the upgrade fee, the monthly service fee will increase from $550/month to $1,250/month. The same process applies when upgrading from the AIR, MIST, or CLOUD package; The upgrade fee is the initial fee of the new package, minus the initial fee of your current package.

If you’re already on the CLOUD package, you may not need to upgrade, unless e-commerce functionality is required, in which case you’ll need to upgrade to the STORM package. If you simply need more pages, more email accounts, or more updates and changes than what the CLOUD package provides but do not need e-commerce functionality, take a look at our On-Demand Services listed in our Knowledge Base, and then get in touch with us via ticket or live chat to place an order.

CANCEL: evaporate the cloud

The CloudPress Studio Managed Website Service is provided on a month-to-month basis. There is no contract. If at any time you wish to move on to a different provider, simply cancel your monthly subscription with us through our Billing Portal.

Your website and associated services (Email, Newsletter, Hosting, etc.) will continue to function for the remainder of the current billing period. At the end of the current billing period, the cloud will be evaporated. It will be lights out – as if you’ve never signed up.

IMPORTANT: Your website is built and maintained using licensed software, provided as a managed service. Should you cancel your service with us, we are unable to transfer the software license(s) or website to you. While we cannot allow you to take your website with you to a different service provider, the domain name associated with your website will be yours and can be transferred to a different domain registrar.    


Service Plans & Pricing

Quoted in USD

* More available on CLOUD and STORM Packages. See our Knowledge Base for on-demand service fees.

Starting small? Need a more affordable option? View the AIR package information in our Knowledge Base – Available at only $950 (upfront) and $65/month.
Alternatively, you can create your own website using our recommended design tools and infrastructure.

Fully Managed Service

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We turn your content into a stunning website

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Email and Live Chat Support

Supply us with your content assets through email or live chat and we’ll do all the work. Our service extends past the initial website launch. Submit new content or request changes any time.

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